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Chess-Grandprix / TEAM RAPID


SUNDAY, MAY 12th , 2024, 11:00

OÖ Schachverband & Grandmaster Communications GmbH

PlusCity, Plus-Kauf-Straße 7, 4061 Pasching/Linz (

Sunday, May 12th, 2024, 10:00

Start: 11:00, End: around 20:00

transfer to: AT31 1500 0008 6108 6692 / BIC: OBKLAT2L / Grandmaster Communications GmbH; Purpose of use: Club name (if a club registers more than one team, the teams will be numbered).

Registrations via transfer will be accepted until (and including) May 6th!

€ 60,– (each team) until and including April 30th – after April 30th and for on site registrations (until 14:00) an additonal fee of € 10,– will be charged!

All Austrian and foreign clubs are welcome! Name of the team must be equal to the clubs name, all players must be eligible to play in their respective club! Several teams per club are possible!

A team doesn’t have to consist of players exclusively from one club – as long as the team doesn’t want to become “Austrian Champion”. Teams can play with any “Fantasy-Team” and can nevertheless win all money prices.

1st Place € 3.000,–
2nd Place € 2.000,–
3rd Place € 1.000,–
4th Place € 750,–
5th Place € 500,–


Best women team:

1st Place € 500,–
2nd Place € 300,–
3rd Place € 200,–

Non-Austrian teams can win all money prizes.

A team consists of four players! Each team can register up to two substitute players, who are eligible to play whenever wanted. The line-up requires the following ranking:

each person is allowed to have a maximum of 200 Elo more than their team mate on the next higher-ranked board. The most recent FIDE-Rapid-Rating is relevant – if not available, see below.

9 rounds Swiss System: 10min + 5sec per player; Ranking: Teampoints, Tie-break according to gamepoints, progressive score and Elo-Performance. We are using 1st FIDE-Rapid-Elo, 2nd FIDE-Standard-Elo, 3rd AUT-Standard-Elo.

Tournament will be FIDE rated!

The best-ranked Austrian team will receive the title “Austrian Team-Rapid-Champion 2024“.

The best-ranked Austrian team consisting only of female players will receive the title “Austrian Women Team-Rapid-Champion 2024“.

Both titles require a minimum of three participating teams.

Michael Stöttinger, ACF President

Kons. IA Günter Mitterhuemer, UACF President

IA Dr. Ivan Syrovy, Chairman FIDE Arbiter Commission